Our Technology

SurePromise’s Enterprise Performance Management System

In such a competitive market as e-commerce, efficiency is a standard, not a goal. All businesses strive to reduce waste and achieve lean operations, but in today’s environment most profitable companies have already optimized their processes and achieved a good level of fitness in their operations.

What is needed to excel is to achieve true industry leadership through implementing a level of management distinction that is clearly superior: management eminence. Luckily, information technology and advanced business know-how can be combined to produce an integrated system capable of invigorating your business with clever use of data and agility to implement change. Moreover, it can effectively link your organization with that of its extended enterprise network, giving your business a level of organizational alignment that assures you that your whole venture, internally as well as externally, is working with the same level of clarity. The problem is that such an integrated system is both incredibly sophisticated and prohibitively expensive, putting it outside the reach of virtually every small and medium-sized enterprise. SurePromise’s enterprise performance management (EPM) system offers our business partners all these benefits without the significant outlays of designing, implementing, and running an integrated management system of this nature on their own.

Big Data Analytics Tool (ETOP)

Capable of handling huge amounts of integrated data from platforms such as Ebay and Amazon, our custom-made engine is able to store and process massive and varied amounts of real-time information.

Such a powerful engine enables novel key insights based on the very latest trends in market demand ; such as what the best-selling products are in each category, and precise estimates of principal price and optimal production quantities.

Using pre-defined courier paths, our system automatically yet specifically matches each sales order with the most suitable warehouse in our international logistics network.

This ensures that our business partners can enjoy the most competitive shipping prices possible while maintaining the speed they need. All available courier pricing schedules and shipping restrictions are built into our calculations in order to assure minimum hassle and maximum convenience.

Logistics Management System (LMS)

Intelligent Inventory Distribution

Our system excels in smart inventory assignment.

On a daily basis, within every single one of our international warehouses, our software determines the available inventory quantity that can be sold by sellers. This up-to-the-minute intelligence is critical to achieve quality predictive modelling that yields long-term stability to our business partners.

Our user-friendly portal provides our partners with a clean and content-rich visualization of their processed and analyzed data, and supports data migration in order to enable a more fluid flow of information.

Everything from listings and payments to individual sales orders can be accessed in one place due to our seamless integration with various third-party online marketplaces such as eBay.

API Integration