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We are an e-commerce solutions provider, dedicated to helping manufacturers, brand owners, wholesalers, and distributors expand to global markets via e-commerce. Our businesses include online retail, e-commerce solutions, and software as a service. Leveraging our expertise in global e-commerce and our advanced software system, which includes our brand-new big data analytics platform, we can sell the right products at the right time to the right people globally on major marketplaces.

SurePromise, connecting products with people.

Listing on Multiple Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are where most of our business partners will realize their greatest potential profits and growth.

Far from being a one-stop process, however, dozens of successful marketplaces each have their own listing procedures. Managing these different listings is time-consuming and inefficient, while sapping energy better spent on other areas. Besides expert guidance on the listing itself and in-house photography of the product to sell, SurePromise’s online product-listing tool offers a simple and integrated way to list on several marketplaces simultaneously, for the initial listing as well as for all subsequent amendments.

In a competitive environment such as online marketplaces, having poor branding equals lower margins.

A good brand can make or break a product. At SurePromise, we truly believe that in the eyes of the end customer, your brand is your company and your company is your brand. We help our business partners succeed by working with them from the initial stages of brand development, an integral part of any promotion strategy, followed by the more practical marketing efforts once there is a workable brand. Marketing is in essence, promotion tactics in support of a brand strategy. Our experience and position give us excellent insight to provide our business partners, backed by a talented team of in-house marketers, designers, and artists.

Professional Branding & Marketing Services

Facilitating Direct Sales

One of the great fundamentals driving the success and explosive growth of e-commerce is the substantial reduction of costs in the supply chain by doing without expensive brick-and-mortar stores.

Selling directly is the logical extension and the next frontier of e-commerce, with vertically-integrated brands at the forefront. Running a direct-to-consumer model has its own challenges, particularly when its across borders. Besides building rapport, trust, and a service relationship with the end customer, there are regulatory challengers and myriad other technicalities. Yet the rewards could be enormous, with massive albeit daunting markets such as China decidedly looking for more cross-border trade. SurePromise, as a pioneer and established in Asia–Pacific e-commerce company, gives its partnerships an edge to succeed in this new environment.

Duhui.hk: A One-Stop Platform For B2B Transactions. Grasping the enormous potential of the tectonic shifts taking place in global trade, logistics, and supply chains, SurePromise has launched a number of important initiatives.

The ongoing transformation of the Chinese economic model from an export-oriented industrial manufacturer to a consumer-oriented service innovator is changing the direction of product flows between several markets, and generating new potential ones. A burgeoning middle-class of Chinese consumers is expanding its taste and sophistication, demanding quality goods at reasonable prices. Our company, always forecasting in order to adapt to changes such as these, has launched Duhui.hk, a one-stop platform for Chinese retailers, both offline and online, to source products that can be shipped to their business locations or directly to their customers. Our platform is particularly appealing to a flourishing number of catalogue merchants, whose showrooms are now a mainstay of electronics, furniture, and home improvement malls in cities across China.