Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. –Ryunosuke Satoro

Surepromise’s core values are all centred around Furthermore, at SurePromise, we are proud and fortunate to be able to count on the talent of highly entrepreneurial young men and women, joining efforts to achieve SurePromise’s vision of a more interconnected and efficient global marketplace. Our organizational philosophy is that age is of little consequence in the presence of talent and drive. We embrace and encourage young, motivated professionals to come join us at SurePromise and help us connect products with people. Under the leadership of SurePromise founders, Angus Chan and Lester Leung are supported by a diverse management team which represents some of the most experienced e-commerce professionals. The depth of executive experience provides SurePromise with a strong and talented team that drives the company’s continuous growth and success.

  • Angus founded SurePromise from his college dorm in 2004, and since then, acting as Chief Executive Officer, has grown it into a multi-million-dollar venture. In business as in life, Angus strives for constant learning and maximum efficiency. In his spare time, he enjoys ocean-going and horse-racing.


Founder and CEO

  • Lester is SurePromise’s co-founder and has been head of operations since the company’s humble beginnings in 2004. An early believer in the emergence of the Chinese e-commerce market, in 2010 Lester spearheaded the launch of  SurePromise’s Chinese e-commerce division, helping businesses grow internationally while opening themselves up to the massive Chinese consumer market.


Co-founder & Head of Operations

  • Taylor has been SurePromise’s head of sales since 2009, where she took over a 50-plus-strong sales team that contributed significantly to the expansion of SurePromise’s sales channels to Amazon, AliExpress, and Wish, among others . Taylor received the eBay Outstanding Employee Award in 2014.


Head of Sales

  • Samson directs the operations of our fulfillment center in Hong Kong. Samson goes about managing and shipping your inventory with a cheerful disposition.


Hong Kong Regional Manager

  • Before joining SurePromise as head of engineering, Kayman worked as a software engineer for Google. Kayman ranked 19th globally in the ACM-ICPC and fully makes use of his genius and talent in SurePromise’s backend programming


Head of Engineering

  • Maff is SurePromise’s head of IT and a backend developer by trade. Maff is passionate about programming languages and “speaks” fluent Ruby, Python and other such languages beyond the comprehension of most of us mere humans.


Head of IT

  • Jason joined SurePromise in 2013 as head of procurement. He not only manages the merchandising teams across various product categories, but is also able to build strong ties with suppliers to improve operational efficiency and cash flow.


Head of Procurement

  • Rachel is SurePromise’s business executive within the sales support team, specializing in sales data management and customer service guidance. She is the facilitator of all communication and cooperation among our departments and global fulfilment centers.


Business Executive

  • Stella has been SurePromise’s sales expert for the US team. She oversees and manages the performance and level of customer service on all English channels as well as work shift arrangements for the team.


Business Executive

  • During her time with SurePromise, Liling is responsible for the company’s finance on a daily basis. She always ensures a positive cashflow through budgeting and the preparation of financial statements. High accuracy in all calculation and figures.


Accounting Supervisor

  • Bonbon is SurePromise’s business executive. An expert in operating on eBay and Amazon, she is responsible for the integration of corporate sales data, development and coordination of third party fulfillment centers, execution of an automated system and other sales related support.


Business Executive

  • Venacy believes talent management is a decisive factor for the company’s future development. Opportunities and challenges arisen from each position are the catalyst for employees to discover their maximum potential and stimulate the desire for self improvement, as a way to advocate our core value, “never say no, always go beyond your expectations”


Head of Human Resources

  • Emma deals with all kind of management jobs under the guidance of SurePromise’ CEO, Angus, enabling her to be familiar with the overall operations of the company.


Senior Management Trainee

  • Iris is SurePromise’s senior sales specialist. Besides sellers acquisition, she is an expert in generating sales by finding the newest, hottest products through our big data engine, ETOP. She is always on-the-go, and ready to accept challenges in the ever-changing e-commerce world.


Senior Sales Specialist

  • Galford is SurePromise’s shipping supervisor. He has rich experience in handling global logistics matters, ranging from customs, regulations, taxation, shipment arrangements to effective communication with logistic partners.


Shipping Supervisor

  • Levi is our China regional manager, where he directs the operations of our fulfillment center in Shenzhen to ensure the inventory is shipped out accordingly to domestic and international customers.


China Regional Manager

  • Hong is our Shenzhen regional shipping supervisor, where he runs the operations and shipment arrangements of your orders. He ensures we have adequate inventory on hand to meet your demand.


Shenzhen Regional Shipping Supervisor

  • Vince joined SurePromise in 2014 as head of product. An enterprise software specialist, Vince previously held positions in Start Analytics, IBM, and Symantec Corporation.


Head of Product

  • 黄忠 is SurePromise’s U.K. regional manager, where she directs the operations of our fulfillment centers in Manchester and Birmingham. Li’s dedication is a guarantee that your products will be delivered on schedule.


United Kingdom Regional Manager

  • Haoli is SurePromise’s Germany regional manager, where he directs the operations of our fulfillment center in Frankfurt. Haoli’s technical expertise with all aspects of shipping and logistics in Germany makes him an invaluable asset to our company.


Germany Regional Manager

  • Kam is SurePromise’s U.S. regional manager, where she directs the operations of our fulfillment center in Pomona, California — always so smoothly, so your products get to your door right on time.


United States Regional Manager